Bema Solartea : Multi-protection Sun Cream SPF 50 (Face)

50 ML

  • $39.00


This product is a non-greasy multi-protective sun cream formulated to protect the delicate skin of the face. It contains ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, Acerola and Matè, which are rich in vitamins that can help reduce the possible occurrence skin spots and also protect the skin from the oxidative stress (UVA and UVB rays) of the sun. It contains Bio Argan Oil, Black Pepper and Coriander, which detoxify and prevent skin from ageing. It has hydrating properties that leave the bright and radiant. It is specially formulated with Visiblue Screen Complex®(Combination ofLycopene, Verbasco, Correggiola, Xantophilla and Rice Oil) which is an effective agent against blue and red rays. It is ideal for both the land and sea. 

Directions: Shake well before use. Apply before sun exposure and gently massage on skin (2mg / cm 2). We recommend repeating the application every 1 - 2 hours to achieve maximum protection. For external use only.

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